Coming up with a clothing brand on an island full of forests, heath and dunes, created that we are aware of and feel responsible for sustainability in the broadest sense.

Pinkorangeclub strives for a completely sustainable production chain, concerning the material that is being used, manufacturing process, design and also your relation with a piece. Besides, we try to do as much as possible locally. This goes for both the production and the residencies where the artists stay and work.

By offering local artists-in-residencies on the island where Pinkorangeclub got started, we want to go back to finding inspiration close to home. Local artists in a local, yet different, space.

Timeless designs and the use of high-quality materials enable a long term use of the pieces. 

Pinkorangeclub mainly uses organic cotton, GOTS-certified. The production of both the material and the clothing is located in Portugal. We carefully selected an organisation with corresponding values. How we use our clothing is essential for real sustainability. Therefore Pinkorangeclub encourages passing on pieces that are no longer used. We also recommend visiting your local tailor when something needs fixing. You can always contact us for any advice.