Dymph de Gooijer

Dymph de Gooijer (1998) is a Dutch visual artist. Since the age of 14, she makes drawings and paintings. Dymph’s work is characterized by using oil paint and inks.

On the island Dymph started with the artwork for the hoodie, which she completed in her atelier in Amsterdam. In the video she tells the story behind the painting and how she created the artwork for the hoodie. 

After making the first sketches on the island, she continued with her painting in her atelier in Amsterdam. She used watercolour on paper. Eventually, the painting was digitalized in a very high resolution, suitable for printing on the fabric used for the hoodie. It is available in black and off-white.


Discover the pieces we made with Dymph

- Hoodie in black
- Hoodie in off-white