Founded in 2016, Pinkorangeclub collaborates with artists to create high-quality, exclusive pieces. Having started out as a project among friends on the Dutch island of Vlieland, Pinkorangeclub has since then grown and developed into an independent clothing brand, collaborating with a variety of creatives and artists.

Pinkorangeclub has its roots on Vlieland. The brand draws inspiration from the island, thus it selects and invites artists to come do the same while being artist in residence on Vlieland. In this way Pinkorangeclub and the artist create something new and wearable, together. Artists spend some time on the island and eventually create art which the brand then translates into a wearable piece.

In facilitating the creation of these wearable pieces, Pinkorangeclub is building a community of art, nature and design enthusiasts. The pieces that are created reflect the process of the artists and the time s/he spend on the island. Pinkorangeclub provides both visual and textual context about the artists, their process and how the island has been an inspiration to them.